The Halloween Hunt

Halloween is coming up fast and the burning question around here is "do we go Trick R' Treating?" - The short answer we can't. We are pulling into the thick of flu season and still on the high end for pandemic cases in our area. With Ryan being as high risk as she is for both illness' we just can't risk going house to house - no matter how much we want to. Halloween is a day for the kids to dress up, watch fun movies and see their friends. Pizza, candy and late night fun...oh and cool costumes of course! At first we were really upset that we would be missing out on all the fun, until Casey had an idea that flipped the script for us!

We decided to hop online and figure out how we can make this Halloween fun and one to remember. We have already skipped on the birthday parties for all the kids this year, but we decided enough was enough. Time for a party of our own! We plan to decorate the yard, heat the pool and give the kids some awesome gift baskets! A spooky Halloween hunt for treats around the yard and house! Movie night with some pizza and spooky treats, costumes, some music and games.

For the kid's baskets we decided to go practical, things they would use and enjoy even after Halloween. We knew we wanted activities for them to do so this Halloween rock painting kit we knew would be so perfect for Parker and Everest to do. We of course had to include the kid's favorite little creature Lucas the Spider for some true Halloween spirit (if you haven't seen the shorts they are a must watch here). We got three plushies for the bigger kiddos, along with a fun glow stick party pack, Halloween "Easter Eggs", Glow Necklaces and so much more you can see here. We plan to create a spooky scavenger hunt, boo some friends and bake some monster treats!

As far as decorations go, we placed an order for some cute Etsy decorations along with some on Amazon! We plan to still make Halloween special for the kids even if they aren't going house to house. This year has been about adjusting to our new normal, for a while we weren't sure what that meant. We have learned over these last six months in quarantine that we can still create our own happiness, fun and adventure through these uncertain times.

What are your plans for Halloween? Are you going Trick R' Treating or keeping it low key fun at home?

Click Photo for Costume Details!