I think most of us come up with our resolutions entering the New Year with super high enthusiasm. We are all pumped up and feel like "new year - New me!" Mentality. Don't get me wrong that's a great mindset to have, but personally, that hasn't served me well in the past. I realized having an extensive list I want to tackle at the beginning of the year leaves me feeling overwhelmed and even defeated if something I had on that list doesn't get accomplished.

This year I decided that I would make new resolutions only after I have completed another. That way it is one thing at a time and easier for me to manage. I have an idea of my yearly - long-term goals but I am not holding myself to all of these goals at once.

When I was thinking about how I wanted my 2021 to go, a lot of it came down to how I was to reach these long-term aspirations of mine. I realized that when it comes to each of these big goal items there is one root thing that could prevent me from meeting these goals. Sleep - or lack thereof.

I decided that my first resolution of the year would be to develop a better relationship with sleep. A year ago I went to a pain specialist because I had this constant pain in my joints (specifically my hips). I had a few different diagnoses before some scans told my doctor that the nerves running through my hips were inflamed, due to me being hypotonic - this pain would likely never subside. I continued on my journey through my chiropractor and pain management without narcotics. One of the biggest things we did to help remedy my pain was to buy a new mattress. Based on our chiropractor's recommendation, we went with a Purple Hybrid 4. That was where our love for Purple began, it is when all the Purple started to make its way into other areas of our home! I saw Purple started a new year sleep movement and I totally had to jump on board!

My first step was to set a bedtime, I decided I would do a time "range" - I know how bad my habits are and knew if I was too hard on myself I would just give up. So, I take my insomnia meds and wind down on the couch at a decent time so I get tired and can make it to bed earlier and earlier each night. It hasn't been completely successful so far but I am getting there! It is really hard to change your sleep habits, after the kids are in bed is the only "alone" time I feel I get for myself so it is really hard to hold myself to a bedtime when all I want to do is have all the time I can to watch Netflix alone.

This will be a rough adjustment, but my plan is that once I get my sleep habits to a better place I will not only be healthier for it but, I will have more energy which will set me up for success when it comes to achieving my other big goals for the year.

My habits are terrible, I sometimes can't fall asleep until 2-3 am and even then I have to force myself to sleep. So, I am working on removing my devices that keep my brain moving, I lay on the couch and relax with a healthy snack, watch some shows (try and not binge watch - I mean there are exceptions to this right?!) - NO, no exceptions...I know that without healthy sleep my days will be off, and foggy. I am the kind of person that needs close to 10 hours to feel functional - high praise to all of you who can function on 6 hours - I want to be like you when I grow up, but that just isn't me. I have been working on a good routine too, doing the same things every night at the same time. From washing my face, brushing my teeth, to even eating my snack I take with my meds. That way my body gets the idea that once my body hits that Purple grid, I am on my way to dreamland!

I have also decided to share all our goals, our struggles and victories getting to them, maybe our experiences can help someone else who is struggling the same! Happy New Year friends!