We Love Sleep.

Y'all, I have always said I didn't want to sleep like a baby (because babies don't sleep..duh!) - that I wanted to sleep like my husband. Casey can sleep through just about anything and if I had to list out my top favorite things...sleep would be on that list. I don't like missing out on sleep, since we have been sleeping on our Purple, Casey snores much less! We first heard about purple when shopping for a new mattress for ourselves and our oldest son. I have a severe chronic pain condition and our oldest just was not getting adequate rest on his Ikea mattress. We did our research and talked to my chiropractor and decided on Purple. We have the Purple 4 which is their softest mattress and our son has the Purple 3.

After breaking in our mattress, we get deeper, better sleep and like I said...less snoring. My back pain is much less, there is little motion transfer and a whole lot less tossing and turning! When we bought our mattress we also decided to get Purple sheets, let me tell you - you do not know what soft is until you have slept in Purple sheets and yes they have other colors that aren't purple! Casey (Hubby) runs really hot at night, with the purple sheets he stays cool and comfortable. He wakes up rested and ready to start his day.

Our oldest son Bentley is nine, he is a super active kid. He loves sports, being outside and most times that means he comes home super worn out! His previous mattress he was constantly tossing and turning, waking up a few times at night resulting in him not being in the greatest mood the next day. We had the opportunity to partner with Purple and we are so glad we did. Bentley is sleeping so much better, getting great REM sleep and not tossing and turning. He is even taking naps!

Life on Purple is restful, we have fun putting the sheets on the bed with the kids. Sleep is so important, our bodies need that down time to restart, to fight off illness, to grow, which means where you sleep is dependent on getting that adequate rest!

Fell Better, Sleep deeper, on Purple.