Let's have some fun!

We're dedicated to ensuring your little one feels confident and prepared for their moment in the spotlight. To help them shine brightly in front of the camera, we've crafted a comprehensive guide for you to practice with your child. This will not only familiarize them with what to expect but also empower them to excel during their session with Mila & Rose!

Prompts your little model will be given on shoot day:

Show me how you twirl | Strike a pose | Show me sweet | Show me sassy |

Hand on your hips | Hold your dress out | Tell your friend a secret | Something is funny! | Jump! | Skip | Give me your best silly face! | Can you walk like a model? | Group hug | Ring around the rosie! | Peek a boo | Make a heart with your hands | Let's play telephone | Time to day dream, think happy thoughts! |

The best thing you can do is to look over these images & these posing prompts and practice!

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