What happens next?

We want you to be prepared! Below is a list of things that we want you to know before shoot day!

  • Shoot days are long, If your child Is 0 - 2 please expect to be present for about 3 hours of shoot time. If your child Is 2+ please expect 4-6 hours (with breaks!)
  • Hair needs to be brushed or “done”. No make up, and show up In comfortable clothing. Clean & happy faces. Please make sure your child doesn’t look like they just rolled out of bed.
  • Bring snacks, these can be eaten In the kitchen. On longer shoot days we will take breaks for lunch and snacks. No candy or sodas please. We have a fridge & bottle warmer at the studio.
  • Please bring something to entertain your child. They will have some downtime here and there. A Device for older kids as long as they are able to part with It and still be content. Then, toys for little ones.
  • Please do not take any photos or videos on your own devices at the shoot, we like to keep things buttoned up on new styles until we release them!
  • Food should be consumed in the kitchen, if your little one needs to eat please make sure it is a non-messy snack, nothing sticky or that could stain.
  • If your child is having an "off" day during the shoot, please do not be offended if we ask you guys to take a break or come back next time. We have to make sure we get the content we need efficiently and in order to do that we need happy kiddos. We all have off days, it happens and we fully understand!
  • A model release is *required* to participate, you can find that below or in the emails we have sent.
  • After you have filled out your model release please make sure you RSVP to the shoot. This is required at least 48 hours after the selection email is sent. If this is not filled out we will assume you are not attending and move on to the next applicant. You do not need to fill out a release if you have done so in the last 12 months.
  • Please wear comfortable shoes, sandals are usually best

Please take the time to click each link below!