The comforts of home have become all too familiar this year, some would even argue that home has become a place you want to get away from right now. I feel you, these are hard times, but this is also a time for reflection and for us to do amazing things! Starting with self care, how are you making sure that it is you that is cared for and healthy?

Chances are your time is being divided among family, your kids, and more housework than before, (because duh, you are home more!) This means doing things for yourself is likely on the bottom of your endless to-do list. As a family Casey and I have started pushing ourselves and each other higher on the priority list. We have realized that when our tanks are empty we lack in other areas of our lives.

We decided to make a change in a few places where we spend most of our time, sleeping and working. We started by adding a lot more comfort to our every day with Purple's seat cushions and new SoftStretch Sheets. Sleep is what helps keep us healthy, so where you sleep and how you sleep should be at the top of your priority list. We have always loved purple, but during this time we have found comfort in being home and having support where it matters most.

The Purple cushions have given us support during the day, our backs hurt less because we have better posture, we are far more comfortable. Working from home, being home more, it has all been so hard. We are thankful for the extra time we have to spend with each other and our kids, but we are also thankful for better sleep and cushions that make working from home, just a little more bearable!