400 South Oak St.

Roanoke Texas Suite 160


What is your cancellation/refund policy?

We are a no-refund studio/venue. You can change or cancel your Studio reservation with no additional charge at any time 3 hours before your reservation is set to begin by contacting create@wildoakstudio.co. Upon cancellation, you will receive a credit for the amount of hours booked (if your booking was 1, 2, or 3 hours) or the dollar amount spent (for half day, short day, or full day rentals) that can be applied towards a future rental with us. Full day, short day and half day rental hours cannot be split up and used separately. Your credit will expire 18 months from the date of the original reservation. Cancellations and rescheduling requests received within 3 hours of the start time of your reservation are not permitted. NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

What props can we use?

Any furniture, accessories, plants, are available for use. There will be a storage area that all three studios share. If you take something from there it must be put pack. All props in the common space can be used in any of the rentable spaces. Please do NOT remove anything from the newborn room. However, each studio must be put back together before you leave to avoid a restocking fee. There is a fee for the use of our many colors of seamless paper.

Are walk-ins welcome?

We are open by appointment only, no walk-ins. Studio time and events are only reserved upon payment, due at time of booking.

Do you have a changing area and restroom?

Yes, We have two private restrooms as well as a "bridal suite" with a dressing room. We also have two hair and make up vanities available for rent. We also have infant changing tables in two areas!

What is NOT Permitted?

Guns or weapons of any kind, please no glitter or confetti, fire or flame of any kind, illicit/illegal drugs, vaping, smoking. We will have a small kitchen area where food and drinks will be permitted. Food and drinks are *not* allowed in shooting spaces.

What are your hours?

We are open by appointment only, Seven days a week! (Keep in mind natural light times if you are wanting to book during natural light times and remember the sun changes with the seasons and daylight savings.) Our first appointment of the day is at 7:30 am.

What time is the best light in the studio?

Keep in mind seasonal changes and daylight saving time. The dark and light studio have large windows that let in a lot of beautiful natural light. We have several floor to ceiling windows that are 12 feet tall. The "posed" newborn studio does *not* have natural light there is a PLM/Constant light source available for use for that space at no charge.

Are Pets allowed?

Yes we love pets. With a small pet fee we welcome your furry friends. Our Pet fee is PER pet, max 3 pets per session. Well behaved pets only. Pets must be on a leash when not being photographed, or in their carrier. Any pet messes must be thoroughly cleaned up before leaving the studio.

Can I rent 1.5 hours?

Yes! Select one hour first, then date + start time, then you can add on 30 mins.

Does the studio provide any type of lighting equipment?

Yes! While we are mainly a natural light studio, we also have a large constant circle light, a PLM and overhead lights. There is no charge to use the lighting equipment. You may also bring in your own if you choose.